Contained Chaos

A decision to change one part of my composition, no matter how small, to a more chaotic process, allows me to establish something new and unexpected. Multiple layers of color with overlapping and interweaving linear elements are spread across the surface. As it is being worked on, the three works are in a constant state of adjustment and there is no way of predicting its outcome.

When working this way, I move back and forth from one painting to another until all three are united as one. Each is composed of layered areas of color and the curves and swirls continue into the adjacent painting and holds them all together as one. The paintings work as individual works, yet they are stronger seen side-by-side.

The paintings are chaotic and open and a bright red line starting at the top left moves across and continues into each painting. Occasionally, the red ribbon like-line loops around in unexpected combinations and invades the surrounding space.
Always, I take my paintings to a place of chaos, from which it must be retrieved.

Joan B. Needham

Contained Chaos I-II-III
Handmade Paper with Inclusions
23" x 90"


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