Thing In Itself   I - II - III - IV
Welded Rods/Handmade Paper/ Insulating Foam/Surgical Tubing/String
84" x 132" x 14"

Thing in Itself
The sculptures achieve their power from the way they infiltrate and invade the surrounding space. They seem to emerge as unexpected and carefully arranged combinations of materials, such as surgical tubing, waxed leather thread, ropes of many different sizes, balloons that have been blown up with an insulating foam sealant and silicone rubber that has to be mixed and cured before it becomes a soft, strong and stretchy material that weaves back and forth within the structures.

There are scale shifts within each sculpture, turning and jutting forward with a slow moving web of thin wire holding this body of work together.

A mass brought together that forms in some sense, a coherent whole.

  ©2016 Joan B. Needham
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